Welcome to Darlin Jewellers web site where we are proud to be celebrating our
15th year of creating the world's finest Ammolite jewelry. We invite you to learn
about the many aspects Ammolite, one of the rarest gemstones in the world, enjoy
visual delights of luxury and purchase this rare gem online, ready to wear.
Meet Darryl Darby, the award winning designer and craftsman who creates the
custom jewellery displayed at this site.
Travel to our prehistoric past and learn of the incredible history and origin of the
worlds rarest gemstone! Be sure to read the historical Native Legend of Ammolite.
Learn the criteria and standards by which Ammolite grades and values are determined.
Visit our new online catalogue and stroll through a selection of our exclusive custom designed jewelry. Whether to admire or purchase, it is certainly worthwhile!
The finest quality diamonds in the world in our own settings! As well you can search our database to find the diamond you want. 
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